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wildlife area 

Collings Park - Keeping it Wild!


A large part of our site is being left in a state of ‘natural re-colonisation’, in other words minimizing human interference and letting nature take its course - otherwise known as ‘rewilding’.  This will increase biodiversity and provide opportunities for the local community to benefit from a small bit of wilderness within the city, all in line with our charitable objectives.


We’ve created a path through the rewilding area and this will allow people to experience the flora and fauna; it will also provide access to about 140 metres of bramble-edge, which will be ideal when the blackberries are ripe and ready for picking each year!


We have started recording the wildlife present on the site and will be creating an information poster in due course.


A future project is to create a small pond and bog-garden in the north-east corner of the rewilding area.  The presence of water will attract an even wider range of wildlife to the site.

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